Educational clinic

Integrated within the school, the IOB Pedagogical Clinic offers its students the opportunity to train under real conditions of professional care. The IOB Pedagogical Clinic is open from Monday to Friday. It welcomes the public as part of consultations practiced by students from the 3rd year. All consultations are supervised by our professors, professional osteopaths graduated for more than 5 years. They validate each step of your consultation.

Discover our prices: at the unit, at the year or via partnerships, you have all the choices!


Private individual

Year-long subscription (unlimited sessions)

Adultes : 50€
Children (-16) and babies : 30€
Students : 10€


Single price : 20€

Partnerships with companies

Annual subscription (unlimited sessions): 30€

Consultation : 10€

Make an appointment by phone +33 5 56 01 33 96

Information and recommendations:

  • In order to make the consultation as effective as possible, we advise you to bring your recent
    additional examinations : ray x, scanners, blood tests, MRI…
  • Payment of consultations by cheque or cash only.
  • After each consultation, we give you a recept for your mutual fund.

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