The School

Created in 2011, the International Osteopathic Medical School of Bordeaux, a private higher education school, trains students in the Diploma of Osteopath D.O.

IOB has chosen to develop a human-sized school model where attention is focused on the students. The goal of IOB is to develop highly qualified professionals.

Our drive for excellence, in the higher education as well as in the osteopathic scientific research field, brought IOB to another level, thus creating international partnerships with renowned universities worldwide.

Our students have the opportunity to discover different osteopathic treatments and a global osteopathic vision.

With the 5-year course of studies, students acquire theoritical and clinical expertience to become excellent practicioners.

Our difference : quality, demand and excellence

The profession of osteopath is difficult, there is stiff competition. That’s why IOB is committed to offer a quality training. In this way, we train responsible, autonomous and competent students.

Our main assets :

A school with human-sized dimension

A team of high
qualified lecturers

A constant innovation in medical research


A continuous drive to excellence

An excellent training course for a professional career

IOB, a school in a dynamic city in which it makes good live and study

Bordeaux, UNESCO World Heritage City

Attractive city (rewarded by Lonely Planet) and with a lot of charm, Bordeaux has many assets. From the sweetness of the quays to the splendor of the Place de la Bourse and the activity of the shopping street Sainte Catherine, you will enjoy discovering both banks of the city. A few kilometers away, you will enjoy beautiful natural areas: the Arcachon bay, the Dune of Pilat or the many wine-growing regions.

In addition, Bordeaux is located just 2h30 by car from Spain and the Pyrenees and 2h03 by train from Paris.

Message from our director

Dr Vincent STAF
Osteopath and IOB Director

Being and becoming an osteopath is a real opportunity for French youth today.

Our profession is recognized and supervised by the Ministry of Health since 2007. This supervision of the training is an additional asset for the intrinsic value of the Diploma of Osteopath and for the development of the profession. The number of consultations that continues to grow in France reflects the indisputable place of osteopathy in the course of care. And this, in many fields: pediatrics, obstetrics, rheumatology, traumatology, high level sport…

However, the choice of a training institution must be made on three strategic axes:

  1. The number of students per promotion in the institution;
  2. The quality of the teaching staff and the quality of the educational clinic;
  3. The international dimension of the institution.

These strengths are essential to the success of the student’s career, but above all to his professional future.

Osteopathy is a medicine that is transmitted, an art of healing that must be taught in proximity and exchange. A manual medicine learning relationship with a very high level of anatomical and physiological knowledges. The educational clinic must allow the student to address all the reasons for consultation through a rigorous and progressive teaching. All this can only be done in a spirit of knowledge transfer by professionals.

Since its creation in 2011, IOB is committed to the respect and the development of an advanced pedagogy, while preserving the basics concepts of osteopathy published more than two hundred years ago by AT Still. Small promotions, a spirit of support, a rigor to achieve a high level of skill, an ability to collaborate with the medical world are philosophy and the soul of our school. Only approved institution member of the public agency Campus France, IOB offers its students the essential opportunity of an international experience.

The greatest reward from these efforts requirement for a Director is as follows: each and every one of our students graduate without exception are practicing and developing a career in the medical world in France or abroad.