Training in France

Become an osteopath in France in 5 years.

A balanced curriculum between theory and practice

This 5-year course is open to students with a High School Graduation in French and in English.

Our course is divided into 3 main educational methods: Magistral Courses, Tutorials and Clinical Practice.

We want to offer progressive training to prepare the therapist for all situations. Thus, the fundamental knowledge and theoretical knowledge of Medicine represent a major part of the first years of study (31% of the training). Gradually, the magistral courses give way to the tutorials, internships and Clinical Practice (69% of the training).

The acquisition of the profession is done around 7 fondamental competences allowing to train autonomous, responsible therapists and of full safety for the patient : 

1. Fundamental sciences
2. Semiology of alterations of health issues
3. Human sciences, social sciences, management and law
4. Osteopathy: foundations of models
5. Osteopathic practice
6. Methods and working tools
7. Development of the osteopath’s skills


Distribution of courses

With 40% of Magistral Courses and 60% of Practical Work, we offer you the best tools to succeed in your studies and become a recognized osteopath.

Magistral course

Throughout your degree, you will study subjects related to medicine applied to osteopathy.

On the program: anatomy, cell biology, hematology, immunology, histology, embryology, genetics, biophysics and biomechanics, pharmacology, infectiology, semiology, dietetics, psychology…


Concrete application of the basic sciences.

Our pedagogical approach is to promote the understanding of fundamental knowledge by the real application of these notions in small group work.

Clinical practice and internships


As soon as the first year, students participate in observation courses with professionals. In third year, they receive real-life patients in our pedagogical clinic at the facility or in the field during events. The goal is to achieve a minimum of 150 treatments per student in the final year.

Our educational clinic

Integrated within the school, the IOB Pedagogical Clinic offers its students the opportunity to train under real conditions of professional care. The IOB Pedagogical Clinic is open from Monday to Friday. It welcomes the public as part of consultations practiced by students from the 3rd year. All consultations are supervised by our professors, professional osteopaths graduated for more than 5 years. They validate each step of your consultation.