This 3 days seminar is a remarkable step forward in the understanding and treatment of many pediatric diseases.

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Many studies have shown the major importance of early treatment of the cranial lesions in the infant as well as the essential contribution of a regular care of the development and growth of the child with preventive or curative measure.

During this 3 days, we offer you a more medical approach, more explicit on the etiologic factors of pediatric pathologies.

Involved public

We believe that sharing knowledges among different health practitioners will allow each of them to improve their practice and treatments. As such, we open the training to:

Health practitioners

Doctors, pediatricians, physiotherapists,…

End of cycle students in the health sector


Our training will allow you to significantly improve the care of your patients.

Specifically, each of you will get the following benefits :

  • Know how to carry out a global and precise osteopathic clinical examination of the infant or child.
  • To know how to carry out a precise analysis of the morphology of the skull, the overlapping sutures and their impacts on the cranial sphere (anterior and posterior cranial sphere).
  • To know how to diagnose the adaptations of the cervical spine to the constraints of the skull base.
  • To be able to develop a precise osteopathic lesion pattern in infants and children.
  • To be able to approach by the OMTs all pediatric pathologies: ENT, digestive, orthopedic, traumatic, respiratory, dermatological or occlusal.


Spread over 3 days for a better assimilation of the transmitted knowledge, here is day by day the detailed program of our formation :


8 hours

Sequence 1

Pediatric clinical examination of the infant : differential diagnosis

Sequence 2

Osteopathic examination of sutures and fontanelles / The different types of neonatal lesions

Sequence 3

Examination of the face and the manducatory apparatus / lesion diagnosis

Sequence 4

Examination of the cranial morphotype, impact on the manducatory function and spinal consequences.


8 hours

Sequence 5

Visceral exploration of the infant, neuro-vegetative approach

Sequence 6

Treatment of sutures using direct techniques

Sequence 7

Treatment of the manducatory apparatus

Sequence 8

Synthesis and theoretical clinical cases


8 hours

Clinical day with patients

3 infants, 3 children, 2 teenagers

Specific osteopathic conceptual models in dental medicine

Clinical day

The Speaker

Dr. Vincent Staf

• Dr of CAM in Osteopathy-Member of French Osteopathic Regular (ROF) and Professor in Osteopathic higher private institution

• CEO of IOB and ISEMA, institutions of higher education

Practical information

Duration :

3 days, 8 hours per day

Location :

Within the host institution

Program validation :

IOB delivers a certificate in pediatric osteopathy at the end ot the seminar.

Limited to 30 persons per seminar

Any questions ?

Please contact Ms. Sylvie Brunoro, our International academic development coordinator by mail at s.brunoro (at) iob-bordeaux.com.


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They talk about our seminars better than us


Student in dental surgery

« As a future dental surgeon, this seminar was a wonderful opportunity to learn different treatment options. We have learned to look at treatment options with new perspectives : focusing on a specific goal, but also from a global perspective. As a result, I am sure that I will improve my future treatments and that my patients will benefit. »