On September 19th 2018, as part of the partnership with Campus France, Vincent Staf, director of the IOB and osteopath, Paul Lancelin, assistant professor and osteopath as well as students selected by the school flew to Dubai in the framework of a knowledge exchange between both universities. The theme of this first collaboration: cranio-mandibular osteopathy and its clinical applications.

Through the video below, the University of Ajman offers us a new opportunity to thank the Dubai teams for their excellent hospitality.

This trip was a very enriching experience of life and reinforces our desire to offer international exchanges every year to our students and students from our partner universities.

Enjoy !


Portes Ouvertes

Mercredi 8 novembre à 18h

Découvre le métier d'Ostéopathe et notre formation dans nos locaux lors d'une soirée dédiée.