IOB strives to create partnerships with many international institutes. Our goal is to disseminate osteopathic medicine, enrich our teaching and benefit our students.
This month, we are proud to announce some excellent news: the signing of a partnership with a new Swedish School of Osteopathy.

A brand new school of osteopathy, the ECOM, for European College of Osteopathic Medicine, is being established in Sweden, at the gates of Gothenburg, the country’s second largest city.

Co-founded by Anna Gullberg and Vincent Staf, our director, it will open in 2021 and will provide teaching in English to all Scandinavian countries.

The story of this partnership is above all the story of a meeting.

During IOB’s participation in the World Congress of Orthopedics in China in October 2019, Vincent Staf met Erika Johansson, osteopath and associate of Anna Gullberg in Sweden, during various conferences where we highlighted the importance of interdisciplinarity.

With the same desire to share their knowledge and expertise in osteopathy, a common project was an obvious choice.

Some pictures of ECOM

Anna Gullberg worked as a physiotherapist and accompanied the Swedish men’s and women’s handball team before her training as an osteopath. She graduated from the Scandinavian School of Osteopathy in Gothenburg and then spent two years at the ICO (Institute of Classical Osteopathy in Dorking, England). She holds a master’s degree in animal osteopathy (biomechanics) from the University of Greenwich in England.

She has teaching experience in osteopathic schools in Sweden and Finland.

Anna Gullberg

We share with you this wonderful news and confirm our commitment to teaching osteopathy at an international level of excellence.

IOB team